Sunday, 18 December 2011

This will be a great gig, this is a great way for us So & So's to start 2012. Have Steve and Rich with us promises some great set surprises, plus we will playing new material too......Blimey all in one gig!
We will also be running a couple of competitions to win some So & So goodies on Facebook and also via our web site, we'll let you know.
See you all soon.
Dave x

Sunday, 4 December 2011

We are sorry to announce that our two upcoming gigs in Holland featuring Steve Rothery and Rich Harding are to be re-scheduled for later on in the year. The two gigs are the 14th January at Den Bosch and the 15th at Zoetermeer, as soon as we are advised of the revised dates we will announce them.

We are due to go back into the studio during February to record another couple of songs that will form part of the next Mr. So & So album. Due to financial constraints this is the only way that we can release the next album so please bear with us as it will take a little longer than normal.

Dave x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

We have been back into the studio for the first time since the recording of Sugarstealer, back at home (well Oswestry) with our six member Al Unsworth, mix engineer grand wizard. We recorded two tracks 'Apophis' and 'You're Coming Home', we are excited about these as they represent the next step in the band sound, weightier and bigger sounding than before. We honestly have no idea what we are going to do with these recordings as initially they were only to be demos but they sound that good that we may release these as a single or E.P. of sorts.

Exciting times ::)

Dave x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Wow, the feedback from the the free download of The Overlap has been amazing and we've now got a load of new fans who will be delighted to know that for a limited time only, our latest album Sugarstealer is available to download for a recession busting £5. If you would like to buy the album please click here and it will take you to the bandcamp page to download the album. Steve Rothery from Marillion guests again on the album and plays a great solo on Oh Look! A Rainbow.

Cambridge Rock is fast approaching and we are all geared up and ready to play on Sunday the 7th August and the band really is sounding amazing, this will be a great gig. Beyond that we are playing with our good friends The Reasoning at the Globe in Cardiff on the 9th December and this is one to look forward too, it'll be a great gig with two great bands. Early next year we will be playing a handful of gigs in Holland too, with Steve Rothery hopefully with us.

The new album is taking shape and we are making great progress with it, the bands belief is that every album has to be better than the last and although Sugarstealer is something we are really proud of, we know that this is another level up. Demo's start in four weeks and we are again working with the amazing Al Unsworth who recorded Sugarstealer with us. Some of the new songs will start creeping into the set when you least expect it :)

See you all soon
Dave x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tonight we begin the big Mr.So & So giveaway, we have been given permission to hand over to you, totally free, our third album 'The Overlap'. The album was released originally in 1998 on the Dorian Music label and it features eight tracks including what is possibly the most requested song at any Mr. So & So gig - 'Coup De Grace' which has a great solo from Steve Rothery (Marillion). Steve also co-produced the album.

You can download it as an FLAC which is a CD quality download at Bandcamp as well as MP3 at Reverbnation you can also download the full album as a .zip here ..... phew!!

All we ask of you is that if you like the album, please tell your friends and spread the word. Our latest album 'Sugarstealer' is also available to download as an FLAC here for a bargain £7 and you can buy the 'Sugarstealer CD' at for £10

We do have a Mr. So & So newsletter which you can subscribe to at and we are also always on Facebook please pop in and say hello.

We are also very much in the thick of writing for our next album of which two of the new tracks will hopefully be played for the first time at the Cambridge Rock Festival on the 7th August. We are REALLY excited to get some new material to you all it has taken a while as we are fantastically fussy with our arrangements, we only let them out when we know that they are perfect and these are :)

We've also had quite a lot of requests to play live more and we are listening to you, there will be a few announcements made over the next few weeks so there's another good reason to sign up for our newsletter.

We know that you'll enjoy The Overlap!

See you all soon
Dave, Shaun, Charlotte, Stu and Andy

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ribfest and other news

Hi all,

Dave here, hope you are all okay I know that we are after a really enjoyable time on the Isle of Wight at this years Ribfest festival. It wasn't the best attended festival but we had a fantastic time and we really did play a blinder together with the amazing Steve Rothery from Marillion. Thank you to everybody who did turn up and we did rather splendidly on the CD sales too :)

Writing for the new album is coming album very nicely and there are a few tunes in the wash at the moment. We do have a new track, the very weighty and rifftastic 'Apophis' that is almost there and will no doubt be in the set for our next gig in August at the Cambridge Rock Festival.

We have a few exciting things coming up and we will keep you posted, as soon as we know, you will find out too, but it all bodes well for Mr. So & So.

See you soon
Dave x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cambridge Springfest

Well, it's about time Mr. So & So got out top play this year and what a way to start, Cambridge Springfest, Sunday 17th April along with some great bands as part of a full weekend's entertainment. It'll be a set chock full of classic Mr. So & So and maybe a couple of surprises too, though without our gorgeous Charlotte as she is still recovering from a very nasty infection.

See you all there :)

Dave x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

New Material

Hello all! It's been in a while eh!...The life of Mr. So & So has more ups and downs than most. If nothing else, it makes thing interesting.

We are in the process of writing for album "Number 5" and it's taking shape very nicely. We have three songs on the go at the moment that are kind of out of the lab and into the beginning of the build process. Shaun is working on a great theme for the album that will hopefully involve more than a CD as it were...

We are playing at the Cambridge Springfest on the 17th April which is our first outing this year and then later on in the year we are playing at Ribfest on the Isle of Wight on the 14th May which we hope to have a new song ready for you :) Please visit the official web site for updates on this years gigs.

Sadly, Lady Charlotte wont be appearing with us at the Cambridge show due to a throat infection and at the moment she can barely talk so with plenty of band love we hope to have her fixed as soon as possible. In the interim she has become the band photographer and as soon as we have some images, they'll be up on the internet soon.

Lastly, we came across a video of Spacewalk, put together by a fan in Germany called Sunnyyweather and we're all really impressed with it, here the link;

See you all in Cambridge

Mr. So & So

Monday, 3 January 2011

Bi-Polar Video