Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Blimey, time flies by if you don't notice it...

Even Axl Rose has beaten us and we've still yet to receive my free can of Dr. Peppers. It's now the best part of six months since we began the Sugarstealer voyage and at last we look to have arrived at our chosen port. The album will be released in January by ourselves on our spangly brand new record label and will initially be released as a download only via iTunes, Rhapsody, CDbaby, Napster and Amazon Download amongst others. Hopefully the physical release will be sometime in March.

Links to reviews will appear on here as and when they arrive if you need convincing that this is by a very long stretch the best Mr. So & So so far. If you fancy a sneaky butchers we have put up on the Myspace a sample track of the album to whet your appetite. Everyone here at Mr. So & So wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Dave, Shaun, Charlotte, Ant and Stu

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Sugarstealer is taking shape!

The So&So's arrived home in the early hours of this morning - feeling tired but happy - having done a long stint in the studio working on the forthcoming SUGARSTEALER album.

We've had the first couple of waves of mixes and are now at the final mix/editing stage and WOH! (and I do mean WOH!) it's sounding incredible! We're as happy with this as anything we've ever done previously and can't wait to get the project completed so we can release it into the wild.

Two tracks that stood out from the last studio session were FLYING TRIANGLES and BLEAK HILL, neither of which have been heard/aired on myspace as yet but we intend to do something about that soon - (watch this [my] space!)