Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Update No 2

Hi all,

We're getting nearer to hearing most of the component parts of the songs put together, we're all REALLY excited about it as we can already hear how the album is growing. One of the great things about recording this way is the element of surprise at certain parts even though we are on the album there are parts that each one of us will be surprised about. Shaun and Charlotte have been very busy doing the vocals and Andy has been very busy too recording the keyboard parts. We have a couple more days of recording to finish and then Al will start mixing it.

Another very exciting element of the album is the artwork, we can't wait to share with you, not only the sound of the album, but also the look of it too, the cover is truly stunning. We'll post an image of the artwork near to the time of release.

Hope you are all well and we will give you another update when the mixes have been done.

Dave, Andy, Shaun, Stu & Charlotte x