Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tonight we begin the big Mr.So & So giveaway, we have been given permission to hand over to you, totally free, our third album 'The Overlap'. The album was released originally in 1998 on the Dorian Music label and it features eight tracks including what is possibly the most requested song at any Mr. So & So gig - 'Coup De Grace' which has a great solo from Steve Rothery (Marillion). Steve also co-produced the album.

You can download it as an FLAC which is a CD quality download at Bandcamp as well as MP3 at Reverbnation you can also download the full album as a .zip here ..... phew!!

All we ask of you is that if you like the album, please tell your friends and spread the word. Our latest album 'Sugarstealer' is also available to download as an FLAC here for a bargain £7 and you can buy the 'Sugarstealer CD' at for £10

We do have a Mr. So & So newsletter which you can subscribe to at and we are also always on Facebook please pop in and say hello.

We are also very much in the thick of writing for our next album of which two of the new tracks will hopefully be played for the first time at the Cambridge Rock Festival on the 7th August. We are REALLY excited to get some new material to you all it has taken a while as we are fantastically fussy with our arrangements, we only let them out when we know that they are perfect and these are :)

We've also had quite a lot of requests to play live more and we are listening to you, there will be a few announcements made over the next few weeks so there's another good reason to sign up for our newsletter.

We know that you'll enjoy The Overlap!

See you all soon
Dave, Shaun, Charlotte, Stu and Andy

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