Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ribfest and other news

Hi all,

Dave here, hope you are all okay I know that we are after a really enjoyable time on the Isle of Wight at this years Ribfest festival. It wasn't the best attended festival but we had a fantastic time and we really did play a blinder together with the amazing Steve Rothery from Marillion. Thank you to everybody who did turn up and we did rather splendidly on the CD sales too :)

Writing for the new album is coming album very nicely and there are a few tunes in the wash at the moment. We do have a new track, the very weighty and rifftastic 'Apophis' that is almost there and will no doubt be in the set for our next gig in August at the Cambridge Rock Festival.

We have a few exciting things coming up and we will keep you posted, as soon as we know, you will find out too, but it all bodes well for Mr. So & So.

See you soon
Dave x

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