Saturday, 26 March 2011

New Material

Hello all! It's been in a while eh!...The life of Mr. So & So has more ups and downs than most. If nothing else, it makes thing interesting.

We are in the process of writing for album "Number 5" and it's taking shape very nicely. We have three songs on the go at the moment that are kind of out of the lab and into the beginning of the build process. Shaun is working on a great theme for the album that will hopefully involve more than a CD as it were...

We are playing at the Cambridge Springfest on the 17th April which is our first outing this year and then later on in the year we are playing at Ribfest on the Isle of Wight on the 14th May which we hope to have a new song ready for you :) Please visit the official web site for updates on this years gigs.

Sadly, Lady Charlotte wont be appearing with us at the Cambridge show due to a throat infection and at the moment she can barely talk so with plenty of band love we hope to have her fixed as soon as possible. In the interim she has become the band photographer and as soon as we have some images, they'll be up on the internet soon.

Lastly, we came across a video of Spacewalk, put together by a fan in Germany called Sunnyyweather and we're all really impressed with it, here the link;

See you all in Cambridge

Mr. So & So

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