Sunday, 4 November 2012


Next year will be an important one, not just because both India and China plan to send someone, (or at least something to the moon), not even that it is the age of Aquarius is allegedly in the middle of February (if you care to believe that kind thing) and not even that Dave might get a new guitar...No!!!

2013 will see the birth of something even more exciting! I am of course referring to the new Mr. So & So - Truths, Lies & Half Lies. All So & So albums have difficult and protracted births due to the fact that all five band members are very picky and careful to make sure that each album should be better that the last one, something that we do honestly believe we have achieved. We haven't nailed down the track list yet as we have much more material that will eventually be needed but we can say that if you saw us live and the later part of this year and heard 'Apophis', 'You're Coming Home' and 'Jingo' you have heard three of the tracks on the album. Recording will begin in January and will involve the tricky task of negotiating time for all our jobs and families and we should be ready to mix in March. Being in Mr. So & So is an amazing feeling for each of us as, like you, we can't wait to have the CD in our hands...we're fans too :)

We will be doing a Facebook diary of the recording and the 'So & So Daily Planet' will be updated each day, plus we will be videoing as much of the recording as we can and hopefully doing some interviews with each of us too.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us on the road this year, it's been great for the band and we loved each and every gig.

See you all soon
Dave x

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