Monday, 2 July 2012

Truths, Lies & Half-Lies

Hi all, we are very pleased with ourselves lately, and with good reason too. The new album has been named 'Truths, Lies & Half-Lies', a damn fine title even if we do say so ourselves. The writing is going along incredibly well and there is a tangible enthusiasm within the band, it's getting harder to put a set list together (very nice problem to have). There will be an announcement in the next few days regarding how you can help the band, we are aware how good our audience has been with us so far and we do need your help.

The new material is exciting, not only because the songs are something that we are proud of, but the bands sound has progressed and is now weightier and bluesier, this in turn is leading us into new and interesting territory not only musically but visually too.

Speak to you very soon
Dave x

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