Saturday, 8 May 2010

May update

We now have a very posh now looking web site and we are about to adorn this with new pictures of the band that are the first that we have had done with Andy. We had a giggle during the photo-shoot and did some outside late evening, resulting in most, if not all, of us being bitten outside a very scary building that could easily have been featured in "Saw". We have been taking a short break as Stu has recently become a father for the first time, though we start up rehearsals again in a couple of weeks. The new So & So set will contain quite a few songs that we haven't played live for quite a while now and hopefully we have improved them a little (we think we have).

We need your help to get more traffic to the So & So forums, so if you haven't already done it, please visit the forum and sign up, say hello. Shaun is currently explaining the background to the lyrics of our song and I'm being slightly less helpful in discussing the values of guitar pornography.

The video that we shot for Bi-Polar a few months back will hopefully be finished soon. it's taken a while as there has been a huge amount of post work for Will Cotton and his team who filmed it. They hope to have this done really soon.

Finally, I will be releasing my d├ębut solo album some time in Autumn. It's currently about halfway through and will be a mix of instrumentals and songs featuring guest vocalists. At some point my own web site will go live too, I'll keep you all posted.

See you soon
Dave x

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