Monday, 16 March 2009

Band Update

Just a quick update to let you all know what we are up to. The band are currently rehearsing the new live set, which is Sugarstealer in its entirety. It’s a strange process really. When we went into the studio to record it, it all very well rehearsed and you knew exactly what you wanted to do, but being in the studio offers new possibilities and so, being the tinkerers that we are, we had to add new things. So when we come back to revisit the songs to learn them, we have new parts to learn. It’s very much a good thing though and adds even more fun to playing the songs as there are little surprising thing popping up. I’ve often said that I would love to see Mr. So & So live and this is as close as it gets I think.

Sugarstealer has been selling really well, as much via Amazon and CDbaby as iTunes which is fantastic. If the cunning plan comes together we will have a physical release out by May. It’s been really interesting finding out what peoples favourite tracks are and it’s really pleasing to find out that it’s very varied, there isn’t a single song that is generally considered the favourite. Always a good sign.

As for me, I’m sure quite a few of you are aware that I’m now part of Steve Rothery’s Wishing Tree live band, I’ll be at Tring for the warm up, that’s now sold out I believe, and at The Marillion Convention on the 20th March.

See you all soon.

Dave x

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